Representative Cases

Mr. Kirby represented the CEO of a defense contractor accused of paying bribes to a U.S. Congressman in exchange for the awarding of multimillion-dollar military contracts.

Mr. Kirby also represented a high-level government official accused of accepting bribes in exchange for the awarding of defense contracts.

Mr. Kirby represented the CEO of a large book distribution firm accused by the SEC of using illegal accounting practices to shift earnings to particular quarters to meet analysts estimates.

Mr. Kirby represented the comptroller of a corporation accused of backdating stock options for bonuses to new employees.

Mr. Kirby represented an attorney accused by the SEC and U.S. Department of Justice of assisting an individual running a fraudulent investment scheme by lying to prospective investors and hiding the proceeds of the scheme.

Mr. Kirby represented a private attorney accused of using non-public information to trade on stock prior to the announcement of a merger.

Mr. Kirby represented a private equity advisor accused of defrauding investors during the course of several multimillion-dollar private equity deals.

Mr. Kirby represented several individuals accused by the FDA and the Department of Justice of manufacturing and distributing allegedly unauthorized medical devices.

Mr. Kirby represented a federally-appointed receiver attempting to track down assets of an individual who had run a fraudulent investment scheme involving the trading of foreign currency.

Mr. Kirby represented a therapist accused of defrauding insurance companies by submitted fraudulent bills for services that were not performed.

Mr. Kirby represented an individual accused of defrauding the Veterans Administration by failing to report income while collecting disability payments.

Mr. Kirby has represented several real estate brokers accused of submitting fraudulent loan applications for the purchase of homes. In one such case, the funds from the fraudulent loans were invested in a fraudulent investment scheme.

Mr. Kirby has also represented several individuals accused of trafficking in narcotics and/or laundering the proceeds of illegal activity.

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