San Diego Defense Attorney Handling Drug Charges

At the California Law Offices of John D. Kirby, A.P.C., we are well equipped to defend against major drug charges involving allegations of operating marijuana grow houses or methamphetamine labs. We combine more than 20 years of experience with a commitment to achieving positive results for our clients in these serious cases. Whether you have been charged or you are under investigation, we encourage you to contact us immediately.

Providing a Strong Defense Against Marijuana Cultivation Charges

We represent people accused of purchasing houses or other properties and filling them with lights and hydroponic sets in order to grow large amounts of marijuana. We also represent anyone accused of working in or being associated with these grow houses in any way. In addition to handling these major marijuana charges, we can defend people accused of growing small amounts of pot for personal use.

Skilled Representation in Cases Involving Methamphetamine Manufacturing Charges

We represent people accused of setting up methamphetamine cooking labs. In addition to representing people accused of running meth manufacturing operations, we represent anyone who was allegedly associated with the operation.

People facing drug charges who choose our law firm receive personal attention from John D. Kirby, a Cornell Law School educated attorney and former federal criminal prosecutor with extensive experience prosecuting and defending against these types of charges. Our clients benefit from our insight into the way that criminal prosecutors investigate and prepare drug cases, from the use of search warrants to the use of wiretaps. We know how to attack evidence and protect our clients' constitutional rights.

If You Have Been Charged With a Crime Involving a Meth Lab or a Grow House, Contact Our Defense Lawyer

To schedule a free consultation with an experienced San Diego drug charge defense lawyer, call us at 619-272-6564 or contact us via e-mail.